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Ivis Technologies provides a fully configurable and customizable web hosted solution that helps companies implement, automate and manage their day-to-day activities that revolve around compliances such as HIPAA, PCI, FINRA, ISO, SOX or any internal business activity. With our interactive dashboards, customers can quickly assess, keep and maintain their most pressing compliance needs. Our focus is the SMB segment which desires to have automation around their compliance activities but don't wish to buy large, expensive, inflexible and time-consuming technologies.

Christopher Lank - Founder & CEO
Christopher brings over thirteen years of Technology and Services sales experience to Ivis. Prior to starting Ivis Technologies, Christopher was Vice President of Worldwide Sales at TogetherSoft where he grew a seven-person software distributor with less than $3M in sales to a world-class organization with $46M in sales. Prior to TogetherSoft, Christopher held management and sales positions at Symantec, Platinum Technology, and MicroAge. Christopher has a BS in Management from the University of Phoenix.

Chris Page - VP of Development
Chris contributes over twenty years of information systems development to Ivis. Chris joined Ivis when the company started in 2002 and is one of the principle architects of Ivis' technology. Previously, Chris held software and systems engineering positions with several organizations ranging from government contracting to education and web-site production. Chris brings development experience in environments such as ColdFusion, .NET, Java, and several others. Chris has a BAS in Computer-Aided Design/Virtual Reality from the University of Advancing Technology in Phoenix.

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