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NEWS:   Ivis Technologies announces the release of the Ivis:Compliance Dashboard for HIPAA - August 28, 2014

Building on our core Ivis:Process platform, Ivis Technologies is proud to announce Ivis:Compliance Dashboard for HIPAA. The Ivis:Compliance Dashboard is designed to help businesses manage and control their HIPAA compliance through an easy to use interactive auditing checklist dashboard.

Healthcare providers are faced with multiple challenges in managing their compliance with HIPAA regulations. Quarterly reviews, year-end audits, and monthly assessments require practice administrators to spend countless hours monitoring privacy controls, security events, and policy compliance. Most practices are using spreadsheets, paper documentation and other manual processes to identify and monitor potential breaches.

Ivis:Compliance Dashboard can save you time, eliminate risk and maintain control of your HIPAA compliance with simple, secure and cost effective real-time compliance tracking. Increase collaboration on compliance activities while lowering overhead management costs utilizing email alerts and notifications. Leverage the easy to follow question and answer format to periodically audit your practice and provide auditors with a full audit trail of your activity throughout the year. Stop wasting countless hours tracking down procedures, lost files and paperwork. Prevent grueling and incomplete audits and stay ahead of data and privacy breaches.

About Ivis
Ivis Technologies provides SaaS solutions that are fully configurable and customizable systems that help companies implement, automate and manage their day-to-day activities. Specializing in compliance regulations such as SOX, FINRA, ISO, HIPAA, PCI, operational logistics, or any internal business activity, our focus is on the "Small to Medium Business" segment which desires to have automation around their daily activities but don't wish to buy large, expensive, inflexible and time-consuming technologies.

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NEWS:   IVIS Technologies Announces Release of - May 1, 2014

Adding Process to Collaboration, Integrating Agile workflows and Policy Governance. Our Board of Directors tool is first of a series of process oriented communication tools.

BOULDER, CO, (May 1, 2014) - IVIS Technologies, an emerging leader in user driven SaaS application development process and workflow tools for compliance has released the first module under This module is for any Board of Directors to manage communication, decisions and reporting. Collaboration portals have gained popularity for large boards over the last few years but fall short of supporting the board to move forward in their work.
The tool is simple and built on years of work with all forms of boards. Board members all have office tools and do not need a new editor, what they need is a format that challenges them to break down their strategic work into elements that can be rapidly moved through conversations and into the enterprise for action. The Agile enterprise breaks down large unruly concepts to into actionable items allowing ideas to be tested in the market.
Companies strive to gain the benefits of Agile Development from the R&D teams in their business functions but run into roadblocks with ideas and tools that do not respect the unique needs of the business functions. This Board of Directors module is easy to use, empowering the Board to capture and discuss simple items then build those into a Meeting Agenda and materials that is transparent to all members.
During a meeting notes are captured inside the item creating a robust record more detailed than standard minutes. At the close of meetings these minutes are reported out to all for clarity and agreement while also being stored in a simple file structure accessible in the future. Simple, Secure and in alignment with the enterprise’s needs.

Agile Governance Board module not only allows the Board of Directors to maintain a compliant workflow and documentation of all actions or discussions, it also shows the entire company how to run effective meetings where action equals real value to the entire company.
In today’s horizontal organizations with self-forming dynamic teams light weight tools can support great meetings. Policy based management rather than top down sets clear expectations, is transparent and most of all empowers. Agile Governance will roll out over the next few months a suite of five modules all based on the same process driven Agile concepts with Policy Libraries, each module will adapt to specific needs of the business function targeted.
IVIS has built a powerful and flexible engine helping companies in many industries for compliance tested process and workflow. The Agile Governance suite is the first of a series of offerings from IVIS build on solutions that IVIS has developed for other customers and will now bring to the market in low cost easy to use or adapt SaaS applications.
The Agile Enterprise modules are created from users’ ideas and requests bundled with years of experience from Timothy Bates COO at IVIS and others who are passionate about running Lean effective companies. Empowering your company, teams and leaders to work effectively, limiting meeting time loss through clear transparent communication, accountability, proper planning and preparation.

About IVIS Technologies

The Ivis software is a fully configurable and customizable web hosted solution that helps companies implement, automate and manage their day-to-day activities that revolve around internal processes and regulations such as SOX, FINRA, ISO, FDA, FAA, HIPAA, operational logistics etc., or any internal business activity. Our focus is the “Small to Medium Business” segment (SMB) which desires to have automation around their daily activities but don’t wish to buy large, expensive, inflexible and time-consuming technologies.
NEWS:   RapidScale Launches CloudCompliance Solution - September 11, 2013

In order to address a growing industry-wide need for compliance, RapidScale has launched a state of the art compliance solution. CloudCompliance will bring a cutting edge solution for the compliance needs of businesses across multiple industries.

Orange County, CA (PRWEB) September 11, 2013

RapidScale, a leader in cloud computing solutions, is focused on providing industry-specific compliance capability for requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, FINRA, ISO, FDA, FAA, and more. There is a continuous need to meet and exceed the demand for process improvement, procedures, security and information in the cloud environment. Because of this need, RapidScale has joined together with software company, Ivis to launch an innovative compliance and auditing solution, CloudCompliance. Our innovative CloudCompliance solution gives clients an easy and affordable way to prove they are in compliance with the standards and regulations of their industry. “By setting up activities consisting of workflow-enabled tasks, CloudCompliance tracks completion of pass or fail with audit trails. RapidScale’s clients can then provide auditors with timely reports generated from within the solution,” says Rick Irvine, head of CloudCompliance at RapidScale. “This will eliminate the numerous man hours typically required for audit preparation,” says Mr. Irvine, who is also personally HIPAA certified.

The CloudCompliance solution tracks events, which in-turn cannot be tampered with, destroyed, or altered in any way. In addition, CloudCompliance can be used to organize and maintain critical documents for immediate access. RapidScale is excited to be the first and only cloud service provider to introduce this solution in the market. “The value of CloudCompliance is seen in the elimination of hard costs such as servers, storage consulting time, software licenses and maintenance costs,” says Randy Jeter, CEO of RapidScale.

Meeting the compliance needs of the different industries can be done with ease when launching CloudCompliance. RapidScale CloudCompliance industries include, but are not limited to, CloudHealthcare, CloudHospitality, CloudFinance, CloudAutomotive, CloudSmallBusiness, CloudRealEstate, CloudEducation, CloudInsurance, CloudEnterprise, and CloudGovernment.

Christopher Lank, CEO of Ivis sees the marriage of CloudCompliance and the Ivis solution as “the perfect fit for the majority of industries looking to fill the need of meeting compliance requirements”. Mr. Lank views the strategic partnership with RapidScale as a revolutionary way to address the growing compliance demands across industries. It not only keeps the compliance costs down, but it provides a great deal of confidence for those looking to move to the cloud.

About RapidScale:

Headquartered in Southern California, RapidScale is seen as a global leader in cloud services, a great company to work for, and to do business with. Organizationally we are focused on the convergence of Desktop as a Service and Business Apps as a Service. That integration is the basis for being the “Next Generation Computer.” No longer will the computer be a device you’re chained to, but rather, a secure place in our cloud. In order to achieve that end result, RapidScale has learned to think outside of the box, find brilliant technology minds, and has set forth an innovative plan to develop the fastest and most advanced global application network in the world. With RapidScale, you can use any device, store anything, and access any app from anywhere in the world. For more information, visit

About Ivis:

We bring simplicity and efficiency to the systems you need to run your business. The Ivis software is a fully configurable and customizable SaaS solution that helps companies implement, automate and manage their day-to-day activities around regulations such as SOX, FINRA, ISO, FDA, FAA, HIPAA, operational logistics, or any internal business activity. Our focus is on the "Small to Medium Business" segment which desires to have automation around their daily activities but don't wish to buy large, expensive, inflexible and time-consuming technologies.

Media Contact:
Stefanie Ryan, Marketing Director
(949) 769-2217

NEWSLETTER:   Ivis News - February 2013 Edition
WEBINAR:   ISO 14001 & e-Stewards using Ivis
Join us for an informative free webinar regarding implemention of ISO 14001 and e-Stewards environmental management systems in Ivis.
UPDATE:   QR Codes and Image Capture   February 1, 2013
The Ivis development team has updated the system with great new features for surveys - QR Codes to prepopulate survey fields with data, and image capture from a smartphone camera directly into the survey form. These new features are also joined by several new date and time options on surveys.
UPDATE:   New Interface for Users & Activity Owners!   December 3, 2012
The Ivis development team has updated the interface for Users and Activity Owners - the new interface is significantly streamlined and much easier to use!
EVENT:   Ivis Technologies will be at the Manufacturing & Automation Expo   October 23-26, 2012
Ivis will be in Stockholm, Sweden as an exhibitor at the Manufacturing & Automation Expo. Come by and see us in stand A01:49.
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PARTNER:   The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Arizona   October 9, 2012
Ivis Technologies is now a Business Member of The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Arizona
NEWS:   New Location!   October 1, 2012
Ivis Technologies has moved into a new office - 7201 E. Camelback Rd Suite 260 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 P: (480) 994-1037
VIDEO:   Ivis - Business Essentials Made Simple   September 26, 2012
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NEWS:   Ivis Technologies Announces All New Website   September 26, 2012
Ivis announces a complete redesign of our website incorporating our new look and updated logo.
EVENT:   Ivis Technologies will be at the ATMA Member Appreciation Dinner   September 26, 2012
Ivis will be supporting the ATMA as an exhibitor - stop by and see us!
NEWS:   Ivis Technologies Announces 1.9.1 Update   September 24, 2012
Ivis announces the latest update adding a great new feature - Locations. You can now setup multiple locations within your account and utilize the locations within your activities.
NEWS:   Ivis Technologies Announces 1.9.0 Update   August 28, 2012
Ivis announces a significant update adding several great new features. There are several Acitivity updates including new pass/fail options, Task Emails, and new options for holding tasks. Surveys have been upgraded to allow greater formatting options. The Task detail page has been significantly revised to be easier to use.
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